Pontoon and Tri‑toon Racking Solutions

ToonSafe™ is a dry rack storage system for pontoons and tri‑toons. The ToonSafe™ cradle protects toons from any potential major damage while the boat is being handled for storage.

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ToonSafe Patoon Dry Storage Unit

Adding Value to Your Dry Rack Business

ToonSafe™ was developed from a need to fulfill a dry rack demand for pontoons and tri‑toons while solving the problem of potentially damaging the “toons” while handling. After many years of dealing with this issue, we have come up with the perfect solution. The ToonSafe™ system will help keep your clients' pontoons and tri‑toons safe when moving the boats for storage.

ToonSafe™ Advantages

  • Dramatically increase annual revenue
  • Tap into the largest new boat segment in the marketplace
  • Attract a high-end affluent client base
  • Safely handle launching and retrieving pontoons and tri‑toons
  • ToonSafe™ "cradles" fit most existing rack systems
  • Customer confidence; their boat is safe, clean, protected and secure
  • Set your operation apart from the competition
ToonSafe Pontoon Storage Unit

Protect “Toons” with ToonSafe™

ToonSafe™ cradles are designed to keep “toons” safe during the launch and retrieval process. Protect your clients’ investment while making the process of launch and retrieval smooth, easy and efficient.

The ToonSafe™ Story

A shared vision founded by marine industry veterans

ToonSafe™ was developed by the principals of MNS Marine Group LLC and Eagle Group LTD.

The MNS Marine Group team has been in the marina management and retail boat sales business for decades. We have owned and operated large scale dry rack systems and have long realized the missing opportunity in those operations is the pontoon and tri‑toon market. Having been in retail sales of many brands of pontoons and tri‑toons we also have come to realize the difficulty in moving, offloading, launching and transporting pontoons and tri‑toons without damage.

Together, Eagle Group and MNS Marine Group have developed a protective structural storage valet "cradle" and multi-boat dry rack system designed to solve dry rack challenges for pontoons and tri‑toons. ToonSafe™ virtually eliminates the possibility of damaging pontoons and tri‑toons while launching and retrieving. Our "cradle" and system offers a high-end profitable dry rack storage solution.

Eagle Group has been fabricating and manufacturing large scale commercial custom structural metal products and conveying systems for multiple end markets for over 30 years. All Eagle Group products carry limited warranties and are built to the highest quality standards.

Eagle's talented and creative designers and management team not only are skilled in our craft, but are also avid boaters so we understand the industry need and share a common vision with MNS Marine Group.

As a team, we designed and created ToonSafe™ to guarantee you will have the highest quality dry rack service for the latest pontoon and tri‑toon designs. No matter what size, brand or horsepower you are handling, our products will last for years and will guarantee your operation an incredible new revenue stream servicing the largest segment of the marine industry for years to come.

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